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New Developments in Micronutrients

Dr. Stanley Zlotkin on the development of micronutrient powders and knowledge translation process
May 2012.

Read the article Stanley Zlotkin: Micronutrients for children in developing countries and watch the video below.

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WHO publishes guidelines on using multiple micronutrient powders
August 2011.

  1. Guideline: Use of multiple micronutrient powders for home fortification of foods consumed by infants and children 6-23 months of age.
    • The WHO strongly recommends for the use of MNPs with at least iron, vitamin A and zinc to improve iron status and reduce anemia in infants and young children.
    • Iron supplementation programs can be implemented in malaria-endemic areas when measures are taken to prevent, diagnose and treat malaria.

  2. Guideline: Use of multiple micronutrient powders for home fortification of foods consumed by pregnant mothers.
    • The WHO advises against routine use of MNPs during gestation because there is no currently available evidence on the benefits or harms of using MNPs in pregnant mothers for the purposes of improving maternal and infant health outcomes.

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Saving lives at birth: A grand challenge for development
July 2011

A seed grant was awarded to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children to develop and test multiple micronutrient powders for pregnant women. Saving Lives at Birth is an initiative jointly funded by Grand Challenges Canada, USAID, Noray's Foreign Ministry, the World Bank and the Gates Foundation.

Read more:

  1. "A grand challenge for development." - The Hospital for Sick Children
  2. Saving lives at birth website

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Sprinkles in the public eye
Discussions about Sprinkles or micronutrient powders have been summarized, highlighting key progressions in the product's development.

  1. Developments in MNPs: A review of public media 2009-2011.
  2. 2007-2008 Public Press on Sprinkles.

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