Sprinkles Global Health Initiative
What We Do

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SGHI is primarily a research organization. As the inventor of Sprinkles and the concept of �home-fortification�, and having performed research in many countries around the world, SGHI staff have a great deal of experience and technical expertise. Our activities focus on clinical and implementation research to investigate the general causes of malnutrition in infants and young children, in order to develop new and suitable nutritional interventions. As well, SGHI�s research activities continue to improve Sprinkles and facilitate its widespread global use. We aim to generate new findings and transfer knowledge gained from our experiences with Sprinkles to improve access to all nutritional interventions. We believe in an evidence-based approach to solving global malnutrition and have the organizational capacity to generate the evidence needed to support new programs and products.

We also advocate with local, national and international organizations (including the United Nations) and the private sector for the expanded use of proven interventions to control malnutrition. Furthermore, SGHI facilitates the development of partnerships between and among organizations in both the public and private sectors to encourage a more coordinated and effective implementation of Sprinkles programs.


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