Sprinkles Global Health Initiative
1. Clinical Research

Improving current micronutrient interventions
Through rigorous clinical research, Sprinkles was developed and proven efficacious. SGHI is now focusing on expanding Sprinkles� use beyond infants and young children, exploring various micronutrient formulations, and providing evidence to support its safe and appropriate use under varying conditions globally. SGHI�s research activities reflect a comprehensive approach to eliminating childhood malnutrition. We recognize that a child�s growth and development is dependent on the nutritional status of both the mother and child at various life stages: in the mother during adolescence, pregnancy, and lactation; and in the child, from 6 to 59 months. We work with partner organizations in many countries using clinical trials and other appropriate research methodologies to expand our knowledge base. Examples of our current research activities include:

  • Improving Sprinkles: Country specific content, safe use in malaria endemic regions, and improvements in packaging to reduce price;
  • Studying the impact of Sprinkles on the nutritional status of adolescent girls;
  • Examining the response of severely malnourished children to Sprinkles.

  • Developing new malnutrition interventions
    SGHI researchers are identifying factors that increase the likelihood of iron deficiency and anemia in young infants and factors that influence stunting (or retarded growth), which is an indicator of nutritional status. This research will inform the development of future nutrition interventions.

    2. Implementation Research and Development

    Developing sustainable and scaleable implementation models
    SGHI's implementation research focuses on making nutritional interventions, which are developed by clinical research, globally accessible through the design and application of implementation models. Our researchers aim to help programs become both sustainable and scaleable by developing strategies and conducting research that address marketing, communications, procurement, distribution, information flows, motivation, and expansion.

    Research on making Sprinkles globally available is being used as a case study for bringing nutritional interventions to the poor and vulnerable and the consequent implementation of Sprinkles programs propels SGHI forward in helping eliminate malnutrition. The transfer of successes and lessons learned from the case study on Sprinkles will provide essential information for improving access to other nutrition products.

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