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Recommended Use
1. Who should use them
Sprinkles were initially designed for children 6�24 months of age; however, new formulations have been developed for older children, adolescents, women in the child-bearing age, and pregnant and lactating women, who will all benefit from the minerals and vitamins in a Sprinkles sachet.
2. Timing and duration of use
Our results support a home fortification regimen consisting of 60 single-dose sachets for each child, consumed over 60 to 120 days. No more than one sachet a day should be used for a child. This schedule generally raises or maintains a child�s hemoglobin levels above the cut-off for anemia. It also helps prevent recurrence of anemia for at least the following 6 months.
3. Who should not use them
According to WHO guidelines on breast feeding, infants 0 to 6 months should be exclusively breast fed, and not use any other food supplement. Iron-containing supplements should be withheld from severely malnourished children during the first 7 days of treatment (according to WHO guidelines). Sprinkles can be used effectively and safely after this initial period. In regions that are malaria-endemic, use of Sprinkles should be combined with malaria prevention or treatment programs.

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