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Sprinkles as a Delivery System
The quantity of minerals and vitamins in an individual Sprinkles package can be formulated to treat and prevent various common childhood nutritional disorders. Different Sprinkles formulations are formulated for different purposes. For example,
1. Iron deficiency:
We have demonstrated in many countries that the delivery of iron with a Sprinkles sachet for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia is effective and cost efficient. For example in Bangladesh, the provision of 60 sachets containing 12.5 mg of iron per sachet, over 120 days was associated with a significant decrease in the prevalence of anemia (from 72% at baseline to 30% after 120 days) with a �cure rate� of 65%. The majority of children (82.4%) remained non-anemic for next 6 months without further intervention.
2. Zinc deficiency:
We have demonstrated (in the slums of Karachi) that the delivery of zinc in a Sprinkles sachet will decrease the longitudinal prevalence of diarrhea (compared to placebo). The WHO has recently disseminated a new recommendation to use zinc as part of routine care for the treatment of diarrhea. The delivery of zinc via a Sprinkles sachet may offer an additional option to the crushable tablets.
3. Food aid in relief situations:
UNICEF/WHO have recently recommended that food provided in relief situations should contain an adequate content of micronutrients. The feasibility of delivering micronutrients via Sprinkles as a complement to food aid has been demonstrated (Indonesia and Haiti).

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