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Christofides A, Schauer C, Zlotkin S.H. Iron deficiency anemia among children: Addressing a global public health problem within a Canadian context. Paediatrics & Child Health. December 2005, Volume 10, Number 10: 597-601.
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Research Articles
Christofides A., Schauer C., Zlotkin S.H. Iron deficiency and anemia prevalence and associated etiologic risk factors in First Nations and Inuit communities in northern Ontario and Nunavut. Can J Public Health 2005;96(4):304-7.
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Christofides A, Schauer C, Sharieff W, Zlotkin S.H. Acceptability of micronutrient sprinkles: A new food-based approach for delivering iron to First Nations and Inuit children in Northern Canada. Chronic Dis Can. 2005 Fall;26(4):114-20.
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