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Sharieff W, Dofonsou J, Zlotkin S. Is cooking food in iron pots an appropriate solution for the control of anaemia in developing countries? A randomised clinical trial in Benin. Cambridge University Press 15 Oct 2007.
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PR Berti, S Zlotkin, S FitzGerald, W Sharieff, TT Le, C Schauer, A Jenkins, MA Hoang. THhe efficacy of iron pots and steel pots in reducing prevalence of anemia in Vietnam
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Hyder SM, Haseen F, Rahman M, Zeng L, Zlotkin SH. Efficacy of daily vs weekly home fortification of weaning foods with Sprinkles among infants and young children in Bangladesh. International Nutritional Anemia Consultative Group (INACG), Peru, November 2004.
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Hyder SM, Haseen F, Rahman M, Zlotkin SH. Delivery of microencapsulated iron Sprinkles in rural poor through female health workers: Lessons learned at BRAC in Bangladesh. May, 2004. Canadian International Health Conference: Ottawa.
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