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Jefferds MED, Ogange L, Owuor M, et al. Formative research exploring acceptability, utilization, and promotion in order to develop a micronutrient powder (Sprinkles) intervention among Luo families in western Kenya. Food Nutr Bull 2010; 31(2):s179-185.
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Suchdev PS, Ruth L, Obure A, et al. Monitoring the marketing, distribution, and use of Sprinkles micronutrient powders in rural western Kenya. Food Nutr Bull 2010; 31(2):s168-78.
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Lung’aho MG and Glahn RP. Micronutrient sprinkles add more bioavailable iron to some Kenyan complementary foods: Studies using an in vitro digestion/Caco-2 cell culture model. Matern Child Nutr 2009 Apr; 5(2):151-58.
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