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Project Name:
Appropriate solutions for anemia control (ASAC)-Iron deficiency and anemia in Benin

Project Category:
Operational Research

Status of Project:
Status: Completed May 2005

Implementing Organization:
Care Canada

Project Coverage:
339 adolescents, women and infants

Donor/Funding Agency:
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Project Description:
In developing countries of Asia and Africa, the prevalence of anemia ranges from 45 to 76% and weaning infants, adolescent girls and women of reproductive age (WRA) are at particular risk. The etiology of anemia in Benin is multi-factorial, thereby necessitating interventions to address multiple causes of anemia to achieve the desired results. An operational research study was carried out in Vietnam and Benin as part of a collaboration with CARE and PATH Canada.

The main causes of anemia in Benin include inadequate iron intake, malaria and sickle cell anemia. It is estimated that over 80% of children under the age of five suffer from anemia in Benin.

Project Objectives:
To evaluate the efficacy of iron pots versus 'Sprinkles' for infants and iron pots versus iron tablets for adolescents and women.
Key Findings:
  • After six months of supplementation with Sprinkles, the prevalence of anemia decreased by 38% and prevalence of iron deficiency anemia decreased by 28% in infants.
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