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Project Name:
Distribution of Sprinkles to children aged 6-36 months, pregnant women and lactating mothers to reduce and prevent anemia in Naryn Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Project Category:
Pilot Project

Status of Project:
Status: Ongoing

Implementing Organization:
Kyrgyz-Swiss Health Reform Support Project, Swiss Red Cross

Project Coverage:
3,000 children 6-36 months of age, 180 pregnant women, 350 lactating mothers; Naryn Oblast.

Donor/Funding Agency:
Swiss Red Cross

Organizations Involved:
Organization: Swiss Red Cross
Type of Organization: Humanitarian organization

Project Description:
Kyrgyzstan is a poor, mountainous country with a predominantly agricultural-based economy. Due to the economic deterioration since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, meat consumption has decreased considerably, especially among the poor. As a consequence, anemia remains common among women and children in Kyrgyzstan. In view of the high prevalence of anemia in Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz-Swiss Health Reform Support Project (KSHRSP) of the Swiss Red Cross has initiated a pilot project in one district in Kyrgyzstan targeted to young children and pregnant and lactating mothers. This pilot project will test whether a weekly administration of Sprinkles in all three population groups is appropriate to help control the problem of anemia.
Project Objectives:
To generate data on effectiveness (including adherence and coverage), program feasibility and cost effectiveness of the Sprinkles intervention in Kyrgyzstan.
Key Findings:
  • To determine the impact of the Sprinkles intervention on the prevalence of anemia among children 6-36 months and pregnant and lactating women.
  • To assess coverage, acceptability and adherence of the intervention.
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