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Project Name:
Evaluating emergency food aid programs targeting infants and young children involving fortification with Sprinkles

Project Category:
Operational Research

Status of Project:
Start date: 2004
Status: Completed

Implementing Organization:
Action Against Hunger (ACF)

Donor/Funding Agency:
Action Against Hunger (ACF)

Organizations Involved:
Organization: Action Against Hunger (ACF)
Type of Organization: NGO

Project Description:
As a result of the political crisis that took place in Haiti in 2003, food security dramatically decreased in areas that were already subject to malnutrition. As a result of the emergency situation, Action Against Hunger (ACF) put in place a canteen program in vulnerable areas, distributing corn-soya-blend (CSB) to children under five and rice-bean-oil rations to caregivers. Sprinkles were distributed along with rations to all caregivers and pregnant women visiting the canteen each day.
Project Goals:
To reduce the risk of micronutrient deficiencies in an emergency situation in Haiti using Sprinkles.
Key Findings:
  • 6,000 children received Sprinkles. Caregivers were also given Sprinkles.
  • Adherence to Sprinkles was above 90% and Sprinkles were well accepted in the target population.
  • Over half of caregivers reported that Sprinkles increased their childrens' appetites.
  • Less than 1% of caregivers reported that their children had increased diarrhea, vomiting, harder stools or stomach ache while taking Sprinkles.
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