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Project Name:
Appropriate solutions for anemia control (ASAC)-Iron deficiency and anemia in Vietnam

Project Category:
Operational Research

Status of Project:
Status: Completed May 2005

Implementing Organization:
PATH Canada

Project Coverage:
502 women, adolescents and children

Donor/Funding Agency:
Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Project Description:
In developing countries of Asia and Africa prevalence of anemia ranges from 45 to 76% and weaning infants, adolescent girls and women of reproductive age (WRA) are at particular risk. The etiology of anemia in Vietnam is multi-factorial thereby, necessitating interventions to address multiple causes of anemia to achieve the desired results. An operational research study was carried out in Vietnam and Benin as part of a collaboration with CARE and PATH Canada.

In Vietnam, important risk factors for anemia include the level of hookworm infection, living in remote or rural areas and consuming meat once or less per month. For women, having three or more children is also a risk factor. In addition, children less than two years are at higher risk of anemia.

Project Objectives:
To evaluate the efficacy of iron pots versus Sprinkles for infants and versus iron tablets for adolescents and women.
Key Findings:
  • The cure rate of anemia in infants was 96% and the prevalence of low iron stores fell from 44% to 23% after six months of supplementation with Sprinkles
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