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Project Name:
Effectiveness of home-based fortification with Sprinkles in an integrated nutrition program to address rickets and anemia.

Project Category:
Distribution Program

Status of Project:
Status: Ongoing

Implementing Organization:
World Vision Canada/Mongolia

Project Coverage:
89% of children (21,000) in 9 World Vision Area Development Programs around Ulaanbataar aged 6-59 months have received Sprinkles thus far.

Donor/Funding Agency:
Ministry of Health, Mongolia

Project Description:
With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1980s and the end to Russian financial aid to Mongolia, economic constraints combined with a diet low in variety have led to micronutrient deficiencies including iron and vitamin D. In year 2001, World Vision launched a nutrition program including home-based fortification, supplementation, social marketing and community nutrition status to improve infant and community nutrition education. The program involved the distribution of Sprinkles to 88% of children in World Vision program areas. This was the first large-scale distribution program using Sprinkles.
Project Objectives:
To decrease the prevalence of anemia by one third in children under five from 30 to 20% and rickets by 50%, from 40% to 20%.
Projected Project Outcomes:
  • After 2 years of program implementation using Sprinkles, the prevalence of anemia decreased by 38% and prevalence of iron deficiency anemia decreased by 28% in infants. The prevalence of rickets did not change overall after supplementation.
  • Sprinkles are being shown to be well accepted and added to traditional foods. Thus far, adherence has been high and distribution is showing to be successful even in remote areas.
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