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Project Name:
Acceptability of Micronutrient Sprinkles: a new food based approach for delivering iron to First Nations and Inuit children in Northern Canada

Project Category:
Clinical Research

Status of Project:
Start date: December 2001
Status: Completed

Implementing Organization:
Sprinkles Global Health Initiative

Donor/Funding Agency:
Health Canada

Project Coverage:
102 children aged 4-18 months

Organizations Involved:
Organization: Aboriginal Nursing Stations/Hospitals
Type of Organization: Government

Project Description:
Traditionally, iron drops have been used in the treatment of iron deficiency, however they are not well accepted and compliance is low. Sprinkles may therefore be a valuable alternative. Using a double-blinded randomized controlled trial, we examined the acceptability and safety of Sprinkles versus a placebo over a six-month period in non-anemic children.
Project Goals:
To examine acceptability and adherence to Sprinkles versus a placebo in non-anemic children.
Key Findings:
  • Adherence was approximately 60% with no differences between Sprinkles and placebo groups. Sprinkles were well accepted by caregivers.
  • Side effects (diarrhea, vomiting, darkening of the stool) were very rare and similar in Sprinkles and placebo groups.
  • Hemoglobin distribution increased in the Sprinkles group and decreased in the placebo group, though not significantly.
  • Further information:
    Ref manuscript/abstract

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